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We support strategy development, the alignment of organisational structures with new strategies, and the implementation of change processes.

The effective interaction of strategy, organisation and

management generates success.

Corporate strategy and organisational structures

In addition to executive search and recruitment, we stand ready to advise companies on the systematic and structured development of future-oriented strategies.


The following topics are at the fore of our strategic consulting: business model alignment, business planning, market and growth strategies, business process optimization, and innovation management.


We adapt business models to new market situations, look for growth opportunities and support the prioritization of goals. We also support the planning and market implementation of a range of activities.


By analysing, structuring and developing the existing organisational structure, we can help tailor companies to their markets. In the process, we join clients in developing the new corporate structure needed to achieve their goals and align that structure and process organisation with the relevant corporate strategy.


Contact: Jochen Trockle



Note that our essays and papers are currently only available in German. Thank you for your understanding.


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