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We work for the entrepreneurial success of our clients and for the positive career development of those executives and specialists who entrust themselves to us.




Johannes Krings


TROCKLE Unternehmensberatung
Hostetstraße 62a

52223 Stolberg


Tel.: +49 2402 864 84 48


Aachen Office


Johannes Krings is a Senior Partner at TROCKLE with focus on management and personnel consulting in the HealthCare market segment. He heads the office in Aachen and manages mandates from the pharmaceutical and MedTech sectors.

He looks back on many years of experiences from high management positions in marketing and sales departments in HealthCare companies. In his last function in the industry, he was responsible for high revenues as Marketing Director in a research-based pharmaceutical company.

Due to his extensive contacts to scientific opinion leaders, marketing and sales managers and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector, he is well established in the HealthCare market and has a large network in this business sector.
As a result of his many years of experience, he is familiar with the organizational structures and job requirements of the various positions in HealthCare companies.


Johannes Krings combines his consulting activities with a deep passion for appreciative interpersonal skills with people and the development of value-creating working relationships.

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