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We work for the entrepreneurial success of our clients and for the positive career development of those executives and specialists who entrust themselves to us.


Office Zurich


Dr. Susanne Simon


TROCKLE Unternehmensberatung

CH-8713 Uerikon / Zürich

Tel.: +41 43 81 80 334


Dr. Susanne Simon is a senior partner at TROCKLE and heads the office in Zürich. Her focus is on personnel and organisational consulting with clients mainly from medical technology, diagnostics and biotechnology in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
She has extensive industry experience from leadership positions in marketing, sales, medicine and commercial operations in the healthcare industry. She has worked in domestic and international roles, most recently as Director of Global Marketing at the headquarters of a research-based pharmaceutical and diagnostics group in the United States.
Dr. Simon studied biochemistry at the Technical University of Braunschweig, completed her doctorate studies at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, and took a degree in business administration at Georgetown University.
She is a member of various specialist societies and chairwoman of the manager network that was founded in 2002 under the Association of German Biotechnology Companies (VBU).

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